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What are your legal options if you or your business is owed money?

Neither individuals nor businesses can really afford to leave money due to them outstanding for any length of time. As Solicitors we are often consulted too little too late. Matters have already become complex due to delay. Debts may have become irrecoverable because debtors have shifted money and property to avoid paying debts.  The position […]

Personal Injury – a brief overview

Compared with 2016 figures, provisional figures for reported road casualties for 2017 show a decrease of 5% in road deaths to 1,710 a decrease of 5% in casualties of all severities to 176,500   Whilst this is encouraging news given that traffic levels are believed to have increased by 1.4% during 2017, a road traffic […]

Financial provision for children of unmarried couples

When an unmarried couple separate there is often confusion about what financial provision can be applied for for children. If you are married and getting divorced then everything we need to know about divorce and finances is contained within the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. When unmarried couples have a child together then the parent with […]


The term “Shared Ownership” is bandied around in the press a lot recently and is one of the Government’s Help to Buy Schemes. It is designed to help prospective buyers who are unable to afford a mortgage for 100% of the value of the property. The buyer instead buys between a quarter and three quarters […]

New Partner at Willsons Solicitors

We are pleased to announce that Willsons Solicitors have invited Ajmer Kang to join them as their new Partner. The Partnership has previously comprised of three Partners, Bob Willson, Heather Wolfe and Lorraine Phimister, but now they have increased to 4 Partners, due to workload and being keen to grow. Ajmer showed interest in the […]

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