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At Willsons Solicitors we have a Litigation Department. Nowadays this is often known as a Dispute Resolution Department.  Civil Litigation or Dispute Resolution is the process by which disputes or arguments between people or businesses or other parties are resolved. All legal disputes have to start with a cause of action.  Someone must have a […]

Will there ever be such a thing as a no fault divorce?

It has been widely reported in the press that earlier this year the Supreme Court ruled that a wife could not divorce her husband of 40 years after he refused to agree to their divorce being granted. As the wife could not prove fault, and the husband’s behaviour was not deemed to be “unreasonable”, then […]

Who is the executor of your will?

Who is the executor of your will? It has recently been reported in the press that some High Street banks stand to make in the region of £9 million in probate fees following the deaths of customers who named their bank in their Will as their executor (an executor is an individual appointed to distribute […]


There has been recent publicity about a case where the impact of marriage on a Will was addressed.  The issue had arisen because it was felt that one of the parties to the marriage did not have mental capacity to marry and therefore there was a question mark over whether the marriage itself was valid.  […]

What do you need to know about extending your Lease when it is coming to an end?

Leasehold extension enables a Leaseholder to increase the length of term of their current Lease. For example they have a 125 year Lease but they only have 85 years remaining, they may wish to make an application to extend the term. The value of the property may reduce towards the end of the term of the […]

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