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We started this week at Willsons with a celebratory air as Manisha Walia starts her Training Contract. This is the final step for Manisha to become a qualified Solicitor and something she has dreamed of for a long time.

Manisha joined Willsons Solicitors many months ago as a paralegal and has been helping in our commercial property department. She has shown dedication, commitment and aptitude and started her Training Contract this week at Willsons.

A Training Contract is a period of time where a Solicitor trains at a Solicitors firm looking at different aspects of the law and working in different areas of law. This takes place for either eighteen or twenty four months after the candidate has successfully completed their degree.

Training to become a Solicitor does take some time together with dedication and commitment.

A Solicitors life is not a 9.00am to 5.00pm life, it often goes way beyond this to ensure that work is carried out on time for clients and that clients can be seen at times that are convenient for them.

Manisha is very excited to start her career as a Solicitor and this week she is one step closer.

We started this week with a surprise celebration for Manisha which involved lots of cream cakes, flowers and bucks fizz for all of the office. It came as a total surprise to Manisha that the start of this new chapter in her life would be celebrated in such a way and now she has got over it she is hard at work! We would like to wish Manisha all of the success during her period of training with Willsons and we are sure she will become a dedicated member of the team and watch this space for more news on Manisha’s development.

Bob Willson, senior partner, was keen to congratulate Manisha and stated that “Manisha shows real dedication to her legal career. At Willsons we are always pleased to take on the right graduate for the position that we have. We always like to ensure that we have new solicitors coming through the ranks as it were to enable us to grow. I wish Manisha the very best in her career”.