Do you know your employee rights?

If you think you’re being treated unfairly at work, don’t continue to suffer without seeking help on your legal position. Willsons Solicitors will advise you on the best course of action.

Employment Law

Whether you are an employee or employer we are able to advise you upon the increasingly complex EU and UK rules and regulations.

As an employer, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake with Tribunal awards on the increase.

As an employee you need to know your rights.

Taking timely advice whichever you happen to be is always a good idea.

We here at Willsons can help you get the necessary expert advice you need quickly and when you need it including:

  • Employment terms and conditions, staff manuals and policies.
  • HR advice and helplines.
  • Tribunals/court; representation
  • Advice on tribunal and court procedure.
  • Corporate services; employment issues on commercial transactions in particular TUPE.
  • Consultation with unions.
  • HR Consultancy on new and amended employment legislation.
  • Age, Sex, Race, Disability and other discrimination advice.

Additional Information

Advice for Employers

Advice for Employers

As an employer getting it wrong could result in a very costly outcome. Taking timely advice is always a good ...
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Advice for Employees

Advice for Employees

If you think you’re being treated unfairly at work, don’t continue to suffer without seeking help on your legal position ...
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Meet The Employment Law Team

Manjit Kaur-Heer

Manjit Kaur-Heer

Litigation & Dispute Resolution Team

Email: Manjit
Tel: 024 7638 7821

About Manjit

Manjit qualified as a Solicitor in 1990 and brings a wealth of legal experience in Litigation to Willsons. Manjit has a specialist interest in disputes involving property ownership, validity of Wills, estates and inheritance. A number of these claims have risen in the family contexts. Inheritance disputes may arise when the validity of the Will is in question and also when an individual feels someone who has died has not made enough provision in their estate for them.

Manjit has considerable expertise in Contentious Probate area of law having dealt with numerous claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 and around the validity of Wills arising from matters such as undue influence, forgery and lack of testamentary capacity.

Manjit often acts in these situations for children or disabled and/or venerable adults.

Manjit has experience and has represented individuals and business in connection with large money claims, has acted for share-holders in the protection of their minority interests, for company directors facing personal claims, for partners in partnership disputes, for Claimants in professional negligence claims, for employers and employees in connection with employment claims, for Landlords and tenants of business premises and advised in all manner of insolvency and contractual disputes.

Manjit is a Sikh and was born in the Punjab in India and has extended family in India, Canada and the United States. Manjit’s interests are varied and include walking, dance, music, Bollywood, reading, movies, cookery and fashion.