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Contesting A Will

Losing Someone

Suffering the bereavement of a loved one is hard enough not only emotionally but the financial impact that this can cause. This can become worse when you or another party need to contest the Will or estate of the deceased.

Disputing a Will is becoming increasingly common. Families become more complex; second or third marriages are not unusual and children from those second or third marriages are not unusual either. Co-habitation is also a reason why a Will can often be contested, maybe provision has not been made for a person whom it should have been made for.

Willsons Solicitors can ensure that any claim you need to bring against an estate is handled as efficiently and effectively as possible. Certainly when defending an action Willsons Solicitors are the ones to call to ensure that there is as little delay as possible.

We appreciate the trauma that these issues can bring and that is why Willsons Solicitors want to help.

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