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Why Contest a Will?

Consolling Woman

Under the Inheritance Act if you were wholly or partially financially dependent upon the deceased and have not been provided for in the Will, or under intestacy rules if there is no Will, you may have a claim, eg, if you are:-

  1. The wife, husband or civil partner of the deceased
  2. A former wife, husband or civil partner who has not since re-married or formed another civil partnership
  3. Someone who lived with the deceased for at least two years before the death
  4. A child of the deceased
  5. A person treated as a child of the deceased
  6. Someone who has been financially supported by the deceased up until death.

Willsons Solicitors will be able to advise you of your rights.

There may or may not be a Will, Willsons Solicitors can advise on the appropriate course of action.

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