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Local property auctions are becoming increasingly more popular for selling certain properties such as paddocks, farmlands and those properties in need of refurbishment and often probate sales.


If you are selling a property at auction it is important to involve your solicitor in the auction process at an early stage as a detailed legal pack needs to be prepared to be able to sell your property at auction.

The legal pack includes details of the title, searches, Property Sellers Information Form, Fixtures and Fittings Form, any Planning Permissions, Building Regulations Consent and EPC’s will also be needed for certain properties.

On the day of the auction as soon as the auctioneers hammer falls this creates a legally binding Contract and completion normally takes place 20 working days after the auction.


If you are buying a property at auction you should obtain  a copy of the legal pack from the auction company prior to the auction and have your solicitor check the pack. We can check the legal title before you bid for the property at auction as if your bid is successful the you will have created a binding legal Contract. You need to pay your 10% deposit for the property at the auction. You have 20 days then to complete the transaction.

If you would like us to look over the Contract pack before you bid at auction please make arrangements to see us with the pack as we are always happy to help.

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