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Employment Law

Employment Law

Whether you are an employee or employer we are able to advise you upon the increasingly complex EU and UK rules and regulations.

As an employer, getting it wrong can be a costly mistake with Tribunal awards on the increase.

As an employee you need to know your rights.

Taking timely advice whichever you happen to be is always a good idea.

We here at Willsons can help you get the necessary expert advice you need quickly and when you need it including:

  • Employment terms and conditions, staff manuals and policies.
  • HR advice and helplines.
  • Tribunals/court; representation
  • Advice on tribunal and court procedure.
  • Corporate services; employment issues on commercial transactions in particular TUPE.
  • Consultation with unions.
  • HR Consultancy on new and amended employment legislation.
  • Age, Sex, Race, Disability and other discrimination advice.

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