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Co-Habitation Disputes

Co-Habitation Disputes

Many people still think that if they live together with a partner, opposite or same sex, for a certain time they automatically have rights against that persons assets as they are a “common law spouse”. This is not true. If you co-habit with another person and that relationship ends then your claim against them is much more limited than those of a married couple.

If there are children of the relationship, you may be able to make financial claims for maintenance and support through the Child Maintenance Service. You may be able to claim to live in a jointly owned property for the child’s minority.

You would have no claim on your partners pension.

This is a complex area of law and Lorraine Phimister can advise on the breakdown of such a relationship in relation to property matters.

The Courts recognise that more and more people are now living together as opposed to getting married. The law on property disputes between co-habitants is evolving rapidly and is a complex area upon which you need specialist legal advice.

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