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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney and why should I make one?

Lasting Powers of Attorney used to be known as an Enduring Power of Attorney.

These are documents that allow you to legally name a trusted person that you appoint to make decisions to act on your behalf only when you are unable to do so at any time in the future.

A time can come very quickly where any of us are unable to make decisions for ourself or our finances and this could be due to illness, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, any mental health issues, medical treatment or a number of other illnesses or disabilities.

By making a Lasting Power of Attorney it means that in the event of you not being able to make decisions, the person you appoint that you know you can trust will be able to make decisions on your behalf.

You must make a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst you are well, fit and able to do so.

If you do not make a Lasting Power of Attorney and then you become incapable of making decisions you leave a terrible problem for your loved ones to resolve.

Your next of kin will have to apply to the Court for permission to help you with your affairs. The cost of this is very expensive, time-consuming and a frustrating process.

That process is completely avoidable if you take action today.


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