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Losing Someone

Losing somebody you love can be hard enough to cope with emotionally without having to deal with the practical aspects as well. Probate is the legal process to effectively deal with the distribution of someone’s estate once they have passed away and can seem an overwhelming task to most people.

With many accountants and banks charging high percentages for probate administration, it may seem that you have no alternative but to try and deal with the task yourself. However, please contact Willsons Solicitors first as we are able to offer various low cost solutions.

We take pride in providing a sympathetic and personal service to suit your Probate needs. Depending on your own particular circumstances, we can offer various levels of assistance. These can range from giving you help and advice on how to complete Probate, Inheritance Tax and Property transfer forms, to a total Probate or administration service whereby no interviews with the Probate Office or Probate Registry are necessary. Willsons Solicitors can also provide these same services in the event there is no Will.

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