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Nowadays social media is part of everyday life for all of us. We have platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn which provides us with the ability to communicate instantly with hundreds, sometimes thousands of other people.

The use of social media as evidence, is becoming more and more common within court proceedings particularly the family law arena.

Social media posts can be used against you by your former partner, an employer or maybe an Insurance Company if such things are seen on Facebook and other social media platforms.

We post on social media sometimes without much thought. For example if you are having a wonderful holiday you usually want to share that via Facebook. What if you are going through divorce proceedings and your ex-partner sees the post, is that a good idea? Your ex-spouse could use this post as evidence to show the Court that you can afford such holidays whereas maybe you have been telling your ex-spouse you have no money.

LinkedIn is a business platform and shows a history of your employment. If you forget to include all of your employment details within any Court proceedings, LinkedIn could be considered as an accurate reflection of your employment history, and potentially highlight periods of employment where pensions may be a factor and needing to be taken into account by the Court.

Any profiles showing you abusing alcohol or drugs could be used as evidence as to your parenting or lack of parenting ability by your former partner.

Do not forget, it is not only in family disputes where social media evidence is gathered, for example in employment disputes if you are not at work due to an illness and then post online of your great day out or dancing with your friends or on a hen/stag do. This can also impact upon issues.

Although social media is used by all of us on numerous occasions it is best to think before you post and not vent your anger via social media about a court process if you are involved in any such proceedings.

Think before you post!