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Willsons Are Proud To Have Hired An Apprentice, Lucy Mansfield

We have hired an Apprentice previously who remains with us and is working in our Care Department, Kerry Austin.

We decided to hire a second Apprentice to grow our staff base and be able to develop our Apprentice to meet the needs that we have within our firm.

It has been great to give a young person a career opportunity.

Every business needs new ideas to keep growing and new people to generate and execute those new ideas that we have. Young people bring a new energy to any business, they are always keen to learn and try out new ideas.

Our Apprentice will learn skills in a work place and will learn academically at Coventry University one day a week.

As employers now we also consider the wider responsibility to our local community and by taking on an Apprentice, we feel we are increasing the life chances of young people and boosting the local economy; demonstrating that we are socially responsible and helping to tackle unemployment in our local area.

The reason we chose Lucy Mansfield as our Apprentice, was for a number of reasons. When attending the interview it was clear Lucy had a passion for the law. She showed an excitement for wanting to become a solicitor, something that when you have been doing the job for as long as we have we often forget.

It was clear that Lucy had a strong work ethic, she was studying full time at college and working as a waitress locally and helping her father at weekends answering the phone for his business as a receptionist.

Although no one in Lucy’s family has worked in the law before her aunt used to be a receptionist at Willsons Solicitors some years ago! Lucy is keen to establish a career in law because she finds the law interesting and believes it could open many doors for her in the future to develop a valuable and interesting career.

The apprenticeship that we have taken Lucy on to achieve means that Lucy attends Coventry University one day a week to undertake legal studies, learning and researching different aspects of the law which will help her in her day to day work.

This will mean that in two years Lucy will qualify as a paralegal and achieve a Diploma in law.

Outside of work Lucy loves to keep fit, socialising with her friends and attending live music events.

Lucy is a local girl, she is born and bred in Nuneaton and is keen to use her talents in Nuneaton to develop the community.

After two years Lucy will then undertake the second part of her apprenticeship, continuing her legal studies and obtain a law degree and hopefully then become a qualified Solicitor.

Lucy joined Willsons Solicitors a couple of weeks ago and if you visit us you will meet her on reception for the next two or three weeks whilst she gains knowledge into all the work that we do and helps meet and greet people and point them in the right direction in our firm.