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COVID-19 – Essential Landlord/Tenant Information

By Lorraine Walker






Let’s get straight to the point:

  • Keep communicating and talk/work with each other to resolve any issues.   Document all actions and if necessary record why you took the actions you did.
  • Tenants should notify landlords if they show symptoms and/or contract the virus.  Landlords should nominate a deputy in case they fall ill.  In HMO’s/multiple tenancies and a tenant becomes symptomatic, all other occupants should be told so they can follow isolation guidance.
  • If staff are employed to work in a property such as a cleaner for rooms, communal areas etc,  Government advice/legislation must be adhered to and so they may not be attending work.   If their salary forms part of a tenant’s rent, is a rent reduction appropriate if the tenants agree to do the cleaning themselves?
  • If a tenant is in financial difficulty over this period – consider all options.  (NB: Nobody is entitled to a rental holiday and so if a tenant can pay, they should to avoid arrears in the future).     Can parties negotiate a rent reduction? – it’s better to have some money coming in than none at all.  If a rental holiday is agreed, discuss and agree how/when the rent is going to be repaid and record the agreement.   Landlords should check insurance policies on how/when to trigger payment of rent clauses.
  • Having somewhere to live is essential and people may still be looking to move or may need to move so when marketing/viewing properties consider doing this by video link.    It must be a true and honest picture of the property and so make sure you show/see all of the property and its nooks and crannies.  Ask about or highlight any issues to avoid problems in the future.    
  • Property inspections at this time may be difficult on check-out.  Work with each other on how best to do these – photographs, separate visits, video links.  Time limits for returning/disputing deposits still stand.
  • Gas safety checks and essential repairs on health & safety grounds should continue with a tenant’s permission.  Ensure parties keep their social distance and put in plans if a tenant is self-isolating.   If a contractor can’t be found to do the work then a record of all those that have been contacted together with reasons why they couldn’t assist should be kept.    The Council’s stance on enforcement is currently unknown.
  • Electrical installation inspections and testing are being introduced for all new tenancies in England from 1 July 2020 this year.   Nothing has been said yet about a delay in implementation.
  • Possessions Hearings – these have been removed from court listings until the middle of June 2020 in the first instance when the position will be reviewed.
  • None of this applies to lodgers, licences or agricultural tenancies.

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We wish you all well and please stay indoors!

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