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Protecting your family’s future

Did you know?
60% of UK citizens do not hold a valid Will.
That means 60% of the UK’s population are at risk of having their estate distributed by intestacy rules rather than their own wishes, giving the owner of the assets no say in who receives any of their estate.
To make sure that your wishes are met after you die, then creating a Will is vital.
A Will puts you in control of who shall benefit from your estate, what they are entitled to and who will be in charge of administering your affairs after your death. By leaving your estate to be dealt with by intestacy rules it can lead to undesirable results which can leave those closest to you with nothing.
Contrary to popular belief, Wills are not just created to deal with your estate when you are gone. 

Willsons Solicitors understands that one of the biggest worries for a person is what will happen to their children after their death. Willsons has the experience and knowledge to work with you and ensure that proper arrangements are in place to ensure that you are happy that your nearest and dearest are taken care of by those you trust.
Willsons acknowledge that many of our clients have real concerns that after their death, should their partner re-marry that second families may be entitled to their estate. This can be negated by the making of a well-structured Will.
We understand that thinking about what will happen after your death can be overwhelming, but we assure you that you will be in professional and trusted hands.
If you have any queries or would like more information on Wills, please do not hesitate to contact our Private Client Department on 024 76 38 78 21.