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Having just said the title of my article out aloud in the office, a colleague shouted out in Charles Dickens ‘Scrooge ‘ style ‘Don’t have one!’ and laughed.
“But’s its Christmas” someone replies, “we want to have fun and go out and have some drinks and enjoy ourselves” so whatever side of the fence you sit, here are some tips below to make sure everyone enjoys themselves at the office party or Christmas night out!
For Employees
• Set your alarm for the day after the party – don’t risk waking up late (or not at all) and facing disciplinary action or a wage deduction
• Read your staff handbook and remind yourself of how policies that will still apply – social media, discrimination etc. Don’t risk allegations of harassment, discrimination being made against you.
• Take reasonable care for your own health and safety – you have a duty of care to others around you.
For employers
• Remind employees about their behaviour and the standards that are expected.

• Do you have a social media policy that covers the posting of photographs/videos to ensure the privacy of others?
• Alcohol consumption – does it need limiting, are soft drinks available for drivers and those under aged 18?
• If your party is on a work night do you need to set out your expectations for attending work and what will happen if these expectations are not met? For instances of over-indulgence, do you need to remind should be reminded that absence will be considered a disciplinary rather than a medical matter?
• Limit vicarious liability claims by ensure the celebrations have a clear finishing time and that if staff want to carry on with the celebrations, they do so at another venue.
• Invite everyone!

If you need employment advice as a result of your Christmas party or indeed at any other point in the year, please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine Walker at Willsons Solicitors on 02476 387 821.