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In Warwickshire there are many listed properties and lots of our clients seek to buy listed properties because they are generally full of character and period details.

There are over 500,000 listed buildings just in England.

For a property to be “listed” it is on a list of buildings with special architectural or historic interest.

The reason a property enters such a list as this is to protect the building from alterations or to make sure the alterations are in keeping with the property.

The largest percentage of listed buildings in England is Grade II listed.

If you buy a listed property you become the custodian of this property and it is up to you to take care of it during the time you own the property.

The National Register of Listed Properties can be found on the historic England website www.historicengland.org uk\listing\the-list and on there you can search using a map or address.

This means that if you buy a listed property and want to alter it you must first ,before doing anything, get permission from the Local Authority and this can include such things as putting up a satellite dish, something we all take for granted nowadays.

You may also have to look at specialist insurance as obviously the cost of re-building a listed building will be significantly more than if it was not listed.

Invariably such properties cost more to run and repair which can be problematic.

If you are thinking of buying a property that is listed, first find out the reasons why by looking at the National Heritage website.

It is vital to use a surveyor who specialises in listed buildings.

Check out the obvious problems such as damp with an older property before you buy.

Check also that any previous changes to the property have been authorised. If someone that owned the property before you has carried out work without getting the consent and then you buy the property, it becomes your responsibility to correct any mistakes which again can be time consuming and extremely expensive.

If you are thinking of buying a listed property, go ahead but make sure you do your research and call in and have a chat with our conveyancing department if you have any concerns.

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